Top Cover Full Car Sun Shade

MCarCovers exclusive Top Cover has been designed to protect convertible tops and act as a full-car Sun Shade and Snow Shade for select Convertibles, Coupes, and Sedans. Our Top Cover is extremely water resistant and made to easily slip on and off your vehicle. Designed to cover and protect convertible tops when the top is up, our cover goes over the windshield (acting as a sunshade too) and covers the whole top fabric and rear window. Silver Colored Woven Polyester Fabric Material (150 threads per sq. inch). Coated underside for a soft and nonabrasive surface for clear coat finishes. Packs small, extremely lightweight and extremely protective. Practically waterproof, yet completely breathable.  This incredible material, our Top Covers provide excellent protection for your vehicle against the sun and UV rays, rain, snow, dust, leaves, tree sap, and bird droppings. Check out our Top Cover YouTube Video! See all the amazing features of the Patent Pending MCarCovers Product. Our Top Covers ship the same business days from our closest warehouse and usually arrive in two days. Free fabric swatches available.

Top Cover Features:

  • Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty*
  • Ships within 1 Business Day
  • 150 Denier Fabric (threads per square inch)
  • Water Resistant and Breathable Material
  • Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • UV Reflecting Silver Color
  • Velcro Mirror Adjustment Straps
  • 4 point Front & Rear Elastic Straps
  • 2 Side Securing Hook Straps
  • Protect Convertible Tops from Birds, Leaves, and Rain
  • Use as a Full-Car Sun Shade
  • Use as a Full-Car Snow Shade
  • Packs Small (approx. 13Hx10Wx5.5D)
  • Free Storage Bag
  • Patent Pending Design