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About MCarCovers

Welcome to MCarCovers! Not long ago, I realized my passion for cars started at a very young age.  My family moved when I was seven, but I remembered my old neighbors by the cars parked in front of their houses from my Big Wheel rides around the block.


While in college, I started Microbead Auto Detailing with a buddy and worked at a few car dealerships cleaning cars during the winter months. I’ve always looked for ways to be in the automotive business and I always had a car restoration project in the works. After a number of years in the distribution and financial software business, I started an accessories catalog for Saab automobiles while working fulltime in 2002. In a short time, I learned the industry and expanded to the broader automotive industry.

As an avid car cover user since my college detailing days, I saw an opportunity to create something different for car covers. Initially called MicrobeadCarCovers (after the detailing business), we have since shortened our name to MCarCovers (and to eliminate any confusion with “microbeads” that have nothing to do with our car cover products). Over the years I have visited almost all of our factories and I know the process and people behind the items we make and sell to our customers.


Car cover in the trunk


Today, MCarCovers makes incredible vehicle covers, with features not offered by other companies. Our covers are sold for less than half the leading brands and they ship the business same day for delivery in one to two days within the continental USA. MCarCovers give your vehicle the protection and you the peace of mind that you will find your vehicle just like you left it.

We are car enthusiasts that love making these automobile accessories our profession. Our high octane fuel is when we hear from our happy customers. Your positive feedback keeps us going and reaffirms our mission. We continue to invent new products and re-invest in our business year after year.  We grow everyday, one customer at a time, and we are dedicated to providing great products with great value to our fellow auto enthusiasts. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you have an idea for a product for your vehicle.

Thank you for choosing MCarCovers,

-       Dan

Dan De Vlieger