Collector-Fit Car Cover


As a proud owner of a special car, you know how important it is to protect your pride and joy’s finish and cabin against dirt, dings, birds, rain, UV rays, etc. That is precisely what our new Collector-Fit car cover does – on both the outside and the underside! 

When we set out to develop the Collector-Fit cover, we started with the same, high-denier, silver fabric used in our popular Select-Fit car covers, then added a soft, lightweight flannel lining to the underside of the fabric to pamper your vehicle’s finish. We then designed a new, body-hugging pattern that shows off the sleek styling of your car. The result is the best, easiest-to-use car cover we’ve ever offered, with features you’d expect to find only on covers costing two to three times as much:

MCarCover Collector-Fit Features:

    • High-denier fabric (150 threads per square inch) is water-resistant, breathable and UV-reflective – you can use this cover indoors or out

    • Lightweight, flannel lining adds a layer of softness between the car’s finish and the silver outer layer.

    • New pattern eliminates mirror pockets for faster installation/removal and sleeker look. (A boon for cars with folding mirrors.)

    • Sewn-in bottom elastic, front and rear, ensures a snug fit.

    • Protected vent flap enhances the cover’s breathability.

    • Reflective stripes front and rear provide greater visibility at night.

    • Packs up small (approx. 15hx13wx7d) for space-saving transport in the trunk or behind the seat.

      Plus, every Collector-Fit Car Cover Kit includes the following:

    • Free, easy-fill, drawstring storage bag.

    • Free, adjustable wind straps (front, middle, and rear) that snug with a tug. Protective pockets make sure the nylon clip-locks don't contact the finish.

    • Free, vinyl-coated, anti-theft cable and steel padlock.

    • Free antenna grommet.

    • Easy-to-follow Installation & Care Guide. (We’ll also email it to you as a PDF.)

The Collector-Fit car cover is backed by a 2-year, full replacement warranty. And it’s currently available only on – you won’t find it on Amazon, eBay or at any other retail outlet. 



“The flannel lining pampers my baby’s finish, and the fit is just as flattering as my $400 custom cover (which actually blew off during the last storm). Your cover is easier to put on and take off, it stays in place in high winds, and it stores in about half the space. Plus no floppy pocket material hanging down with my mirrors folded in. I’d give it 6-stars if I could!” 

Susan F., Austin, TX