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Lloyd Protector Floor Mats From $44.90


PROTECTOR | Description

Designed for those who want to maintain the color and look of their factory carpet, while protecting it from stains, spills and soil, our custom-made Protector Mats are a heavy-duty clear vinyl material perfect for the job. Protector Mats are custom fit to the same exact fitting patterns as all our other custom fit products, including many full width coverage patterns for trucks, SUVs and Vans, as well as cargo and trunk patterns.

Protector Mats are equipped with factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd’s proprietary anchor system, in addition to a molded vinyl nib backing. The textured face provides additional non-skid safety. Protector mats can easily be wiped clean or with the spray of a hose, dried and reinstalled in minutes.

PROTECTOR | Features

• Durable 80 mil. thick clear vinyl material.
• Complete protective coverage for areas not available
from other tray and liner products.
• Non-glare, textured, and skid-resistant surface.
• Clear protection reveals floor color.
• Flexible high quality material allows for a better fit.
• Aggressive nib backing keeps mats safely in place.
• Won’t wrinkle or crack, even after years of use.
• Custom protection without the look of rubber.

• Clear vinyl material allows the beauty of the original vehicle floor to show through.
• Easy to clean by simply wiping off, or using the quick spray of a hose.
• 1 year limited warranty against defects in design, workmanship, and materials.

• Mat fasteners are used with all our custom-made mats
• Factory compatible retention hardware is included for vehicles with a factory installed anchor device.
• A proprietary Lloyd Mat Fastener is included for vehicles with no pre-installed mat fastening device.

• Over 11,000 unique floor pattern designs.
• All cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, and crossovers.
• Trunk mats available for most passenger cars.
• Patterns available for most SUV and van cargo areas.