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Lloyd Classic Loop Floor Mats - From $69.90


Classic Loop | Description

Classic Loop™ automotive floor mats are designed to provide a high quality, economical, custom fit mat in a material designed for durability.

The face of the Classic Loop mat is 100% polypropylene virgin yarn. The yarn color is added to the polypropylene, while it is in liquid state, before being spun into yarn. This creates a carpet that is inherently fade, stain and soil resistant. The number of yarn tufts in this low, dense loop mat construction is near the maximum possible, which yields a face weight of 20 ounces per square yard and produces a dense, crush resistant face. The density of this construction provides a level of wear resistance that allows us to warranty Classic Loop mats for a full five years.

The final layer of the Classic Loop multi-layer backing is our trademark TractionBac, which is made from a combination of natural and synthetic rubber for slip resistance and moisture protection.

Classic Loop mats are equipped with factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd’s proprietary anchoring system, to keep our mats safely in place.

Classic Loop custom fit floor mats come in eight factory matched colors and can be customized with hundreds of automotive trademark, lifestyle and personalized embroidery designs.

Classic Loop | Features

• Economically priced
• Rugged appearance
• Soil and stain resistant Polypropylene yarn
• Loop style carpet construction of 20 ounce per yard
• Multi-layer backing for stiffness, moisture protection and traction
• Five year warranty
• Eight OEM matched colors
• Customize with hundreds of automotive, lifestyle and personalized designs
• Equipped with factory compatible, or Lloyd’s anchoring system

Classic Loop

Classic Loop

Classic Loop